​​Clover® ​Go. For wherever your business takes you.

​​​​​​​​Th​e Clover® Mini can be used as a stand-alone terminal or as a customer facing device with the Clover® POS Station. Also, enjoy many of the same benefits of the Clover® POS Station.​

  • ​​Accept credit and debit cards (includes support for EMV and Apply Pay)
  • Ring up orders
  • ​A large touchscreen, an intuitive interface, and the choice of Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (HSPA+) wireless connectivity makes transactions easy
  • ​Add applications to manage employees and keep track of customers
  • Manage tips, tabs, and authorization
  • ​Personalize your Clover POS with the Clover App Market
  • ​Built-in receipt printer
  • ​Barcode and QR code reading using built-in camera
  • ​On-screen signature Capture

​​Flexibility to grow with your business. Feel confident buying a Clover Mini today because we'll be able to grow with your business tomorrow. Start with the basic Terminal bundle and upgrade to the Register bundle only when you're ready for it. Get more details on available bundles. App Market. Gain access to the Cover app market (loyalty, accounting, integration, virtual gift cards, customer analytics, employee scheduling and more). Fully Encrypted and Secure Transactions. Security you can trust from a leading Merchant Servicers provider that protects each transaction so that you and your customers can feel confident that all information is secure.

More than just a payment station. Clover® station is an all-in-one point-of-sale solution, customized for your business. It makes everything easier.

​​​Sleek style with 11.6" touchscreen. Includes encrypted swiper that runs down the side and an embedded high-resolution camera for barcode or QR scanning. Enjoy the many hassle-free features all in one system.

  • ​Manage your inventory and all reports
  • ​Save time with payroll. Our POS system records time cards and figures checks with deductions.
  • ​Take orders and payments.
  • ​Create and view your menu of items. You can change it any time.
  • Manage employees for your store. Assign role-based permissions and see sales by employee.
  • ​Spend more time away from your business - you can access the information from your home computer, tablet or phone.
  • ​Apps are available for download to customize your needs.

​​Clover®Mini. The most advanced payment terminal on the market.

Clover® Station.  A surprisingly easy way to manage your business.​​

​​​With Clover® Go, you can securely and reliably accept both credit and debit cards – including EMV chip cards –right from your personal smartphone or tablet.

  • ​​Comes with clear, intuitive reporting on sales activity, along with powerful insights to help your business grow.
  • Ready right out of the box. Just charge, plug in and use with your iOS or Android device.
  • ​All you need, at your fingertips with custom tip and tax rates,  permissions for employees, ​                                                                                                transaction history and the ability to email or text receipts.
  • ​Clover dashboard features and useful Insighticsdata that helps you see how your business compares ​                                                                                     to businesses like yours, and manage your business.
  • ​Live 24/7 customer support